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Therapeutic Exercises & Chiropractic Care in Windham, Maine

Our staff in Windham, Maine, helps promote overall wellness with therapeutic exercises and chiropractic care. With visits to our office, you can avoid having to take medication to reduce your pain.
Chiropractic Care
For your initial visit, we discuss any pain you're experiencing and take X-rays to accurately diagnose your condition. Next, we perform customized chiropractic care to correct misalignments and stop pain.
This ancient Chinese technique especially uses needles to promote blood flow to certain areas and balance your chi or life force. In conjunction with needles, we use electrical stimulation, trigger point therapy, and herbal remedies to promote wellness.
Wellness Counseling
Dr. Ted also provides personalized counseling that allows him to customize care and treatment based on your specific issues. With a personalized plan, you will feel better and experience a physical and spiritual renewal.
Chiropractor, Chiropractic Services in Windham, ME
Therapeutic Exercises
Nothing beats exercises for treating certain conditions and injuries, which is why we incorporate them into your therapy program. All exercises are designed to improve your strength and flexibility, which helps you recover faster and prevents future injuries.
Applied Kinesiology
We also use the science of movement to help restore balance to your body and provide lasting pain relief. Because no 2 patients or their conditions are the same, your program is designed specifically to accommodate your physical condition.

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